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  • California Delta and Estuary System Map

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  • GoldenStateFishing
    started a topic At Risk!

    At Risk!

    Our California fisheries are in desperate need of human advocates and community awareness and education programs!
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  • SmokingKingSalmon
    started a topic Life after CoVid!

    Life after CoVid!

    Curious to know what the head "party" boats are going to do with updated health standards companies are expected to meet (and pay for)?
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  • BayAreaFishReports
    started a topic Pickled Salmon

    Pickled Salmon

    Hi everyone try this this recipe for all year round pickled salmon.

    Take one fresh caught salmon and chop into about 6-8 Salmon steaks (depending...
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  • A Salmon's State of Affairs (Part 2)

    A Salmon's State of Affairs (Part 2)

    At any moment, you can find on an internet board (like this) or newspaper stand (if they still exist) articles regarding the studies and lawsuits and general disagreements. All of which, the one thing again, we MUST agree on is that the beneficiary of all these debates are not the Salmon or Steelhead of California. We must have enough common sense to know that the problems facing our fisheries and commons, with their beauty and their resources, will not be over merely if the imposition of court...
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  • A Salmon's State of Affairs (Part 1)

    A Salmon's State of Affairs (Part 1)

    In the Pacific northwest each year there is a migration of anadromous fish that is unrivaled, in size and scope, by any other on the coast. Each year the Pacific salmon move from their ocean environments and return back to their home river spawning grounds. Yet, the salmon do not always find a hospitable environment upon return to these spawning grounds. They, in general, have not found ideal conditions for survival anywhere in their life's cycle. Many reasons contribute and create inhospitable...
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