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  • Favorite Kokanee Rod?

    Edge rods spiral wrap KDR-760-1
    Super sensitive and responsive. They are a small batch manufacturer so be prepared to be patient.
    Quality is unsurpassed!

    Check them out at:
    The epitome of performance fishing rods. Factory Direct Ultra Light Fishing Rods - Next Gen Gary Loomis Designs - 100% Made in the USA .
    Support Our Pacific Northwest Fisheries Restoration!
    "Who hears the fishes when they cry?"

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    Phenix rods make a model line called "Reaper" got good action, great reel seat, guides that last, and good customer service.
    For what it's worth... tried everything from ugly stix to lamiglas..
    There is an XCC line from Kokanee Kid but it's up there in price think like $225 per rod..
    Those edge rods are beautiful! Top of the line !


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      Thank you for your feedback Koke.
      Here is just a sampling of some models that are available. I, personally, am a HUGE fan of fish-field in Oregon! Their staff has been incredibly helpful and are very knowledgeable. However, there are numerous vendors and shops here in California as well. Outdoor Proshop, Fisherman's Marine, Hi's Tackle, Fly Shop, are but just a few shops here in Northern California. Too many to list, like I said I have had GREAT experience with in Oregon ordering online.
      As far as Kokanee Rods go.
      My Top List is as follows..others are welcome to offer their thoughts. This is not a promotion of any manufacturer but personal opinions.
      Top line = Top Price
      1. Edge FSC-KDR 760-1
      2. G. Loomis E6x TKR 931C
      3. Lamiglas XCC 762 UC-GH
      4. St. Croix WRKC 76LM2
      5. Phenix Reaper Kokanee #unknown
      Mid-range price
      5. Lamiglas CG70DR classic glass
      6. Tica kokanee blue KOEA80MC2T
      7. Kufa Sports KC802UL
      8. Santiam (4) piece pack rod
      9. Okuma line -Kokanee Black KB-C-902ML
      Salmon Series - SST-C-702L
      Celilo Kokanee - CE-C-762L
      10. Daiwa had a series never tried.

      I also know of some custom built Rods from Phenix Rods in the Reaper series. Don't have serial # on those but easy Google search to find. I think Tackle direct had a sale on them recently. I myself own (4) Edge KDR First Strike Series, (2) Rogue rods, and (4) Crystal Basin customs, (2) Shasta tackle..when Gary owned the company. BTW- GREAT GUY TO FISH WITH!!
      There are also options with Montana Tackle and Vances spiral Rods. I think Cal Kellogg recently put out a few customs of his own.

      As you can see tons of options for these small landlocked fishies....we fisherman can be more finicky than the fish!
      I will stick with my Edge rods..and few customs.

      Good luck...oh btw- I prefer 2-6 lb range which are perfect for those soft mouths and will also pull top water plugs and lures such as: humdinger, needlefish, speedy shiners, and cripplelures really well while you watch that rod top "thump".. and watch Mr.Trout bite!
      Ps. G.Loomis makes a kokanee jig rod in the E6X I think it's 762S KJR
      "I fish therefore I Am!"
      Support Our Pacific Northwest Fisheries Restoration!
      "Who hears the fishes when they cry?"