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  • Pickled Salmon

    Hi everyone try this this recipe for all year round pickled salmon.

    Take one fresh caught salmon and chop into about 6-8 Salmon steaks (depending on size of fish). Broil the steaks in a mix of white wine, vinegar, and water. You will want to use roughly four parts wine and vinager to one part water. Bring this mixture to a boil then add the salmon steaks to this mixture. Boil for approximately 15 minutes and then remove salmon steaks. Drain very well!
    Next take Bay leaves, rosemary, pepper, garlic, and some cilantro - Good quantity of all together and place into a pot to boil. The mixture in the pot should be water and a couple of quarts of white wine, a couple of quarts of wine vinager. Boil well.
    At this point grab your salmon steaks and dry rub them with a salt and pepper mix. Place the into jars leaving enough room for your herbal mix as you will top it off with this. However, important to place one layer of salmon and then a layer of herbal liquor, then salmon again and repeat until jar is full. Be sure to do this while herbal liquor is still warm and toss in a couple of lemon peel slices and if the salmon "dries" while being kept throw some sherry or white wine into it.

    This is a great way to keep your salmon for well up to a year.
    Tasty indeed!

    Good eats!