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Shhh...Don't disturb the fish!

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  • Shhh...Don't disturb the fish!

    One of my first fishing excursions was with my nephew. I didn't grow up fishing and was already in my early 20's. I was excited to spend the day with him just the two of us (hard to get a youngster to spend the day with a relative). We were going out on the river in a small boat to troll - young smallmouth bass hiding amongst the river's detritus. I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to get an update on my nephew's life and do some bonding with him. "I love you Auntie and I want to visit too, but FISHING IS SERIOUS BUSINESS and we must be QUIET so as not to scare away the fish!" Oh yes...priorities! That was a beautiful experience although not what I had planned...being on the river, casting my line, appreciating nature's bounty...I'm sure you will all agree these are the truly peaceable times. Nothing else compares!
    'There they sit like Buddhas, still and contemplative, waiting for the bite, the twitch, Nirvana.' - Anonymous