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A Salmon's State of Affairs (Part 5)

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  • A Salmon's State of Affairs (Part 5)

    In any Democratic free society it is nearly impossible to make lasting changes without the approval of the citizens of the republic. California is not immune to this principle and until people are motivated to participate in the decision making process right now, they will simply impede any solution that is proposed tomorrow. Trust in our government institutions is at all time low. People are begunning to demand a larger share of participation in the decisions that impact them. Governmental bodies that do not seek public involvement are ineffective. the concerns that do not always surface, hostile public and environmental policies, mistrust in basic factual information, (which are offered in support of actions or decisions) have ostracized the general public from discussions over policy changes that might have a hope of providing solutions to our California fisheries problems. The public must be aware and armed with educated solutions to be involved or a stalemate will occur. As our trust in government institutions has seriously been eroded we are left with two basic choices: one is a form of total government control the other is a better more efficient democracy. what I believe is needed at the current moment is a better democracy and that begins with education, public aeareness, and healthy positive activism. This will demand a society and the public bodies that are charged with managing our environmental resources to establish a common vision, shared policies, and synergistic movement towards collaboration in managing California fisheries. bring the public in, offer them a significant role in this decision making process, and place them in the front lines where the action takes place. The worse thing to do is to infer that the people have no knowledge of current affairs, that they are not the authorityon the matter, and that they do not have a stake in the decision making process. What does need to take place is that the people of California must be given the opportunity to understand the import of healthy runs of salmon in the rivers. It is a straightforward message that is simple enough to be understood. What is it that Californians need to do to protect the viability of these marine and riparian habitats? How can an individual, in the State of California, receive the direct benefits from protecting and preserving California fisheries? What can be done at the grassroot level in individual communities to help the Salmon's State of Affairs? What is it California industries and institutions, that they feel very much the impacts of, need to do to in order to help benefit the interests of the whole, to protect the whole environment? One example from hstory that has held true is that when people collaborate it works. When all stakeholders come together, even with different needs, and are willing to make compromise solutions can be done; our California fisheries can be saved before it is too late. A solution that is desperately needed is develpoing a strategy, for the conservation and sustainability of California salmon fisheries, that can find public support. Our work is really cut out for us, as shareholders of the environment. We must not throw in the towel now. We have been given the gift of being the most intelligent species in this planet. However, as I always like to say knowledge alone is no power. Knowledge only becomes useful and powerful when put into action. As a body we have the responsibility to put our knowledge into best practices to preserve the species, such as California salmon, that depend on us for survival. To be honest we, as the people of the Pacific northwest, will all lose a sense of our essential identity with the demise of the Salmon. Shame on us. We have an obligation to this Earth, to California, to be stewards of its natural gifts. I often wonder if we just think we are smart and intelligent. I often think wisdomhas escaped even the smartest of us. Right this minute we have an opportunity to show that we are wise and not just simply intelligent. I ask for the conservation and management of our California fisheries to be placed at the top of our priorities as citizens of the republic. We are, on behalf of the Salmon, their voices that can make or break their future and the future of our identity as people of the majestic Pacific northwest.

    Tightlines' -GSF Admin
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    Well written... agree 100%!